“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

Hello, goodies! To the very unlucky person who reads my very first post in, thank you so much! Or do have any readers? I don’t know. But anyway I won’t take your precious time by reading my nonsense introduction. So please continue…

Today when I wake-up, everything that I could feel was like changing. I started the day with that unusual grin plastered on my face, I was very comfortable with every move I make and every steps I take, and enthusiastically excited for the end of the day. I don’t know why, but here’s one thing I know for sure—I think I’m on a stepping-stone of understanding my self-worth. Or maybe my self-worth finds me in the growing mist of dependency I was lost at. Maybe the latter but I don’t care anyway. If you’d only knew that because of my self-worth I started this blog.

The most important thing right now is to finally found someone that for a long time I hadn’t even cared to search for—me—my self-worth.

To sum it all, this was a non-typical day of my week. I flashed a smile to every people I met, I rejected all the bad vibes that’s triggering me physically and online. Not that I can only reject or neglect them, but I can reject them with a CAN and not a “Can’t” or “Maybe.”


I was just shook for a bit like Demi Lovato showed me the real power of stone cold.

But anyways, I think that was the effect of finally having and knowing what and how I could give importance to myself.

But first, what does it really mean when we say self-worth?

Self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Right, it is a feeling that only you could feel. Only us could understand our self-worth for it’s a feeling that only us could feel.

No one can tell how good we are because they can only see our flaws—they only knew us for what like twenty percent or even less.

But to make it deeper and be elaborated more, self-worth is something that only you and yourself had, and if someone doesn’t understand his or her self-worth it would be the least that, that someone is not worth it for his or her self. Then that someone is living his whole life a lie by just depending to others opinion about his or her self and neglecting the real person who he was before.

Sometimes we can’t notice that we unknowingly lose our self-worth with simple habits we used to develop everyday. For example, asking your friends opinion about what to wear everyday, or what type of make-up to use, what food to eat, what books to read, what topics to write, and asking them what time they’ll be coming to school so you could arrived together.

If we had notice those were just a common things we usually do and encounter for sometimes daily. Believe me or not but I know we’ve been depending too much to the people around us, sometimes. Right? Don’t be ashamed it’s normal. We need communication you know.

But first, I don’t want you all to think that asking for opinions from our friends or colleagues are not that good; actually it is so that we can have the idea for the next time, but please let’s try to lessen for at the end it’s still us who will decide what to do.

I was talking here about respect: respect for our decisions, respect for our plans, and most importantly respect for ourselves. We can’t gain trust in our own decisions if we’ll only depend to others. We can’t respect our own decisions because we are so much dependent to others decisions. And not respecting our own decisions can sometimes affect our trust issues within ourselves, resulting to lack of self-esteem and by that we are only showing that we can’t believe ourselves for our knowledge is only limited within our friends and colleagues.

Our friends were just our friends, they could stay or even leave us in hard times, they’re just of those bystanders in our life, and they couldn’t be our lifeline. So let’s practice to be more mature, means independent because at the end of the day all you have is not me or them but only yourself. So respecting ourselves is a one way ticket for achieving self-worth.

Secondly, we are a limited edition, there’s no other person that we are right now, there’s no other self of us that could be a replacement after all the mistakes that we had committed from the past. We are like a piece of paper that once burned will turned to ashes and not going to be back again.

Quite puzzling, but no one will know when or how and why we have to let our self-worth finally possessed our quite dependent, sensitive, and too immature body. If you feel like it’s not going to happen, then simply search for it, though you don’t have to because it’s only there; longly yearning for us to free ourselves from following the crowd. Because as the quotation said that I forgot where I had read it stated that “only dead fish go with the flow”, well I agree to that for we are human and not a fish after all. Funny? Not.

We have feelings and or emotions to control over a situation. A mind that works when our body reached its limit. Senses that could feel whether it’s wrong or right.

We are different from other animals, we can balance everything and we have the free-will to choose what we could be and how. We can fight, we can strive, we can survive if we only believe how worth-it we are to lived.

Our self-worth is just like an argument in a debate. If we don’t argue we lose, if we don’t stand for what we are fighting for we lose. Then what is the the use of our own Celestial Creator in giving us brain to develop our own decisions if we don’t argue for what we think is right? Because we don’t believe it maybe. We cant believe ourselves.

Are you only here because debate is the new trends? Or you’re only here because of fame? A quick pace of fame from a worthless argument. You’re just following the society norms then. If that so, you’re a dead fish. Stinky and rotting.

Let me just revised the famous quote of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. “Kung sino man ang hindi marunong magmahal at magpahalaga sa sarili ay higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda.”

Right! Love yourself by respecting your own life. Ask yourself once more, what is my purpose?

Many hindrances will surely met our way, perplexing us where to go and what to do whenever we tend to find our true-selves.

Here’s the question why? because if we read our self deeper than what we read the words that escaped our lips, we can find the mirror that will going to show us “the real me” and “the real you” whenever we’re alone and that is when we will going to see the true nature of us.

For we are all a magnet once we are inside the crowd—a magnet who’s trying to get attracted and doesn’t want to lose any attachment. Fake. We are fake when we are with the crowd, so have time to self-reflect. Alone. The strategy was helpful for me and I believed that there’s no right place to self-reflect than being alone. Communicating with nature is also a best way to start.

But here’s one of the problem that we usually encountered during self-reflection. Not knowing what to believe; our eyes or our heart.
Once looking at that mirror, we couldn’t avoid in noticing the contorted image of us— all our flaws and shaming. Then I prefer you to don’t use any mirror, use other person to tell you how flawless you are and how mistakenly perfect you are, because even if we see our self-reflection we don’t even know how to appreciate the uniqueness of us. Then break that useless mirror like we only break our self-worth. Let’s be calmer because we are all unique. I mean, believe in what you see because it’s true.

I am only me—that Jack I know and not that Jack you know.

You are that Aimy that only yourself had and others don’t have.

You are that Grace that only had the ability of yours and not the ability of other Grace out there.

It means we are all made unique, not that we are all perfect but we just don’t know how to appreciate little things that was necessarily part of us. We can’t be settled for what we are and what we have, because we want more, we want more attention and we want to have the life that doesn’t even for us.

Now ask.

Did you even try to value yourself?

Or all you just do is value other things that you don’t even have?

Where is the self-worth in their?

If we are just going to reread the italicized paragraph, have you notice the word necessary and wants? You would also notice that they we’re truly different from each other, for wants is only our fantasy and need is the reality for us to live happily. Nothing could make as a whole with a short happiness than real happiness.

We want this, those, that. I want to be beautiful, I want to be rich, I want to be like her or him, I want my friends forever. But the problem was that we don’t necessarily love us. We usually focused too much on our wants and not knowing we already loosed our need to love ourselves. Be settled for what we have for that is another way in thoroughly understanding our self-worth.

That’s it.

We want others to accept and appreciate us, but even us can’t accept and appreciate what we are.

Try to be good and spare some respect for yourself so you could know your self-worth.

Spread love for all, goodies. Come on and fight for our self-worth.

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By: Colbie Caillat

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