I Was Here (Part One)

That is your legacy on this earth: how many hearts you touched.

-Patti Davis

Pixabay CCO

Softness of turquois hills carpeted my way.
All were happiness in the moment until that day.
When dawn came my denouement say
It’s your final chapter will the world remember your stay?

From dusk till dawn my fingers are broken, head is swirling.
Working under pressure, creating the masterpiece of my well-being.
Bled all night, crushing my bone in my fingers.
Painting the canvas so the world can sometimes lingers.

To linger my existence and trace my mystery.
On that woven web I created is a token for my memory.
Wisely use it when you feel like missing me.
I’ll be gone forever with your mourning symphony.

And when the clock stops and my heaven’s open-up.
Please take aback, I don’t want you to see me bleed and crack.
Storms might meet me on the end of my way.
But I’m wearing the eternal shirt you gave me that day.

On my funeral where I slept like a doll.
Everyone look and like wolf they howl.
Cry like a pig and weep like a flying owl.
I hope you see my beautiful and not my foul.

And when the rain stops and rainbow cast.
Clock ticks faster like it was the final and last.
Like for a million years you buried me on the grass.
Will you still remember me that I’ve been a part of your past?

So that in the end till my eyes looked again.
I could sing the melody that in earth I had been.
Hope you won’t forget me even if I did.
I was somehow forgetful but at least I lived.

So when God ask me on earth what did I do?
I could tell Him I was happy because me had you.
We lived together but I die alone.
At least on the earth my memory is feel at home.

This is the last masterpiece I had wrote.
For you to remember me and not to loathe.
Because I die and leaved you like a never.
But if you forget me my memory will die forever.

✖✕ • ✕✖

Can you feel the pain that the poem was trying to tell us? Like for a million years, no one will really care for us— to our memories, but not until we leaved a legacy. A legacy that will show them “I was here” and that “I’ve been here” that I do what I love and leaved a track. I wrote this poem this afternoon when I remember one of my closest online friend. He told me once that he won’t going to forget me and that I will do the same. But maybe some people came into our life to give lessons and some stay for us to teach them lessons in life, but all in all, they’ll leaved at the end. Now he is gone and even blocked me online. I just missed him and he’s been a part of me and that gives me a token to not forget him that he was once my friend and been a part of my memory.

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