I Was Here (Yet Forgotten)

Remember me, though I have to say goodbye.
Remember me.
Don’t let it make you cry.
For even if I’m far away I hold you in my heart.
I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart.


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I will love you even death do us apart.
Liar, that doesn’t even comes from your heart.
You only said that to talk like a smart.
In my funeral, you smile like its a fresh start.

You only need the attention of everybody
For them to solace with you, such a liar lady.
Now I was gone, you seemed looking pretty.
Whilst crying, I can see you smile evilly.

Time had passed by like some boring cinemas.
Ashes to ashes-dust to dust, I cry, you lust.
On top of my graveyard, you both blush.
Kiss so steadfast, body collide and blast.

You didn’t even respect my eternal nativity.
Pleasing my brother is an eternal slaughtery.
I thought death was the end of my agony.
But seeing you like this is killing me brutally.

You don’t only killed me once at life.
But even in death you stabbed me alive.
I have the chance but I give you the knife.
For I loved you even if the cause is my life.

I wish I could say this words of love to you
But it’s a million years since we are one and not two.
I die alone, you smile together, can’t separate like glue.
I smile that you’re happy, but don’t forget me too.

I left you my masterpiece, I left a legacy.
Don’t abandoned me, don’t delete my memory.
If your storage was full and feel like throwing me.
Just look at our child and love him like you don’t need me.

If the world once I lived in forget about me.
Like I didn’t even exist or try to be happy.
Please don’t be selfish for once honey.
Tell him he’s my masterpiece and I was his daddy.
A deadly-loving memory and a lover betrayed eternally.

✖✕ • ✕✖

I know this wasn’t a good ending for the poem. It should be a happy ending but I guessed happy endings only happens on fairytales. Fairytales will always be fairytales—having that too fantastic and ain’t realistic ending. But anyway, the protagonist on this poem was the best example of true love. Willing to be forgotten and let go for someone else happiness.

Secondly, no hate goodies but I was being overwhelmed by this quite weird feeling inside of me that for a long time I had been carrying. It was a feeling that I don’t understand why I keep on tolerating.

Have you ever wonder what will happen after we die? Or thought of the possibilities that we’re going to be forgotten someday? Us and our memories felt like diminishing as the day passes by. Like a smoke being vanished after the rain. Or a piece of wood being burned for once warmth but at the end will turned to ashes and no one will going to say: thank you that you warmed me up, thank that you made me happy when you’re still living.

It’s just I felt like we are all a piece of match. A piece of match that’s unrequitedly lighting others torch without knowing that we are also starting to lose our own fire. I am here not to spread depression or something but I was just here to share my feelings, for maybe its is a perfect time to stop hiding them. I was worried. Worried about my memories. Those moments that I had shared together with those people around me will be gone forever. I was worried that they’ll going to forget me.

Maybe I was here-—I had created this blog to leave a legacy here on earth: that here on earth I had once lived, I had once do I what I did, that I had once become happy and proud that I became a part of this stil l mysterious ball floating on the outer space, together with all those millions of planets out there. Maybe living on earth doesn’t mean dying, but leaving a legacy. So I’m creating mine for the next generation to remember me. Because I was here.

Hope you liked it! There’s more in the store, goodies.

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Try listening to I’m Sorry

By: Beyonce

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