The Creation of Vendetta

Sometimes pain has been our food, but more often, we became its food.

-Jack Robin

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Here lies the body of a conspired soul.
Who’s heart they take and sentiments fake.
Asphyxiated by pain that lovers forsake.
Broken, for they mold him with hate.

On his creation, they why’s and how’s?
Couldn’t believe a flaws created by vows.
A creature living on earth, painfully grows.
A scar to his skin was all they could browse.

His creation was supposed to exemplify.
A masterpiece, so the world could identify.
The perfection that the norms could rely.
But it was a mistake, the world petrifed.

Immediately, they plan to shut him up.
Afraid to see their own blood even abrupt.
But he’s now living, even death won’t stop.
Just want to be happy, but they lock him up.

On the cellar he spends most of his life.
Away from the crowd and rot with rife.
With all the world’s judgement in that night.
He asked himself, am I even alive?

Into the basement where darkness had been his light.
On his knees, he prayed for a little bright.
To ease the pain and stay quite for a night.
In tears, he whispered: you’re real right?

Years have gone and the days even colder.
Waiting for a reply that no one will answer.
Where are the angels he once called fair?
Are they still with him or they laughed happier?

On the night where he wrote his last goodbye.
He saw the devil, blink his eyes and pry.
What are you doing to yourself to cry?
Be my ally and altogether our rules will apply.

Sunshine in, they found his body twisted and lock.
His head into his back but he smiles like dying is a luck.
On the floor near him was a letter pinned on his back.
They read what’s written and a crow appear on black.

Here lies the body of a weakened-soul.
Who’s heart had broken but now adore.
Pain has been my food and now it’s eating me.
Together with that li’l devil I join his company.

Never be alone in crossing my bridge.
Nor calling my name or holding my blade.
For I am a dirty crow in white feathers made.
See me fleeting for Vendetta in masquerade.

✖✕ • ✕✖

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