Blinding lights was the first time you met.
You’re all I could see, my hearts flips a beat.
Your eyes made me mesmerized for not just a bit.
I’m drowning in your sound, I forgot how to breathe.

Crowds cheering, I dance while you’re singing.
Soaked my soul into your sound everlasting.
Never missed a show nor forgot how you fling.
Dated other girls on tv shows but you’re still my darling.

An epitome of perfection and everyone’s downfall.
I was stuck on the same position from where I crawl.
Towards your epiphany I wanted to be call.
You’re my kryptonite just call me peasant my all.

Same song all day, my mother is hating me.
Said I don’t have taste in music, just wasting money.
Into my room, I shut the door and stare at your posters in sympathy.
I don’t like it when they hate how I’d love your symphony.

They can’t stop me since I’m going to see my king.
I was his princess, I just need to wear his ring.
I put some make-up on and throw some fancy dressing.
For him to notice me and take me on his faming.

His name echoed from north to west
In our small village he’ll be our guest
On that night, I fall in line with the rest.
Like me, they’re all wearing fancy dresses.

Even fancier than me with all those sharp booty.
On those dresses they all are wild and sexy kitty.
With all those high-heels it made me look like a lost puppy.
But I don’t really care, I’m sure at the end I will be his company.

Strong lights is hitting me as his sound drenched my soul.
I was in loved with his music I can’t see his foul.
The fangirling night ended, I was drunk and I droll.
Didn’t even touch my king; my pieces went fall.

I bend my knees and bled all night and blame.
Mom was right, everything was just a game.
More idiot fans; more money to light his fame.
I finished reading his book but he doesn’t even know my name.

✖✕ • ✕✖

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7 thoughts on “Fame

  1. Dear Jack
    Thank you for showering overwhelming love on the post: 800 followers !!! THANK YOU & Write with me … 
    I am touched by the lovely and beautiful lines that you shared for the collaboration. 
    I have compiled it into a final poem and your NAME has been added at the end of the
    lines that were contributed by you. The link to your blog has been linked to your name.
    Below is the link to the post
    Pls, feel free to share or reblog. Hope to work with you in collab in future.
    Keep Writing & Keep Shining

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