Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Prompt: You walk into an empty church (or other religious place) and quietly sit near the back.

Pixabay CCO

Trails of pavement ushered me.
I walk in silent fueled with insanity.
My heart was beating reluctantly.
I said right things wouldn’t go easy.

Sound of silence in dilemma of my sense.
A mark of violence wanting to be cleanse.
Of blood and fire is to be reminiscence.
And hail of shadow is what my presence.

Empty hall of saints and statues.
A quiet place makes me outrageous.
Cut my enemy and fake company.
Ripped-off the clothes that’s eating me.

On the river, I wanted to be sink.
Take my body, I wanted to shrink.
Of who I am, I should have extinct.
Please, make my life back in sync.

My brain is mocking me to play cruelty.
Of how crucial to sin is for me; maybe.
Of a reckless sinner counting binary.
Help me, red lake is counting on me.

Happiness is in red so cover the blues.
Little did I know pain is red when bruised.
It was hard to find and lost in world of three.
Now I am running, for red is chasing me.

Everything’s cold and I plead merely.
Of what I did, it was preying on me.
Karma has a car and now crashing free.
I’m alive as my soul is scorching on degree.
Save me from the shadow I grew inside me.

Stay away, it’s eating diagonally.

✖✕ • ✕✖

~ I’m so back goodies! I’m so back on the flesh with this new and freshly-written in red poem. It’s like I get stressed with school and other dramas ’cause I don’t settle for less. Since school is still kicking on me, well I have plan to update once or twice a week only. Sorry, but I’m graduating for Senior High and I can’t take it or resist. Well that’s for now because tomorrow has its own settled best. All we need to do is rest—not in peace—but with a green peas. I’d loving its taste lately.

And for you goodies to know, I have a new discovery and new techniques to survive in the wild island of author’s block. Chan-chararaaan! Presenting the savior “Daily Prompt.”

It was a helpful application for an amateur and aspiring writer like me. It’s free on google play if you guys used google play. But so far it was the best for me, especially those times when I’m lacking of ideas.

So that’s it. Spread love but hate when asked. See yaa!

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By: Matthew West

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